Why purchase off us?

Why purchase from CloudLocal Vendors?

When we started CloudLocal Technologies, the idea was always to help serve and protect local businesses. Especially vendors who produced some of our most favorite products. However, there still came an underlying problem of costs and labor in shipping, and managing products. We started CloudLocal Vendors to additionally assist in the shipping and storing process of these products by partnering with Small Businesses around the area who also had the same vision as us.

To us, Vendors aren’t just producers, or businesses for that matter. They are artists, they are people who help others, they are creators. And so much more.

Not only that, but we aren’t calling it “CloudLocal Vendors” to say that we help these people. These people helped us. We wouldn’t be here without the help of these vendors we feature on our website. This business was created thanks to them. This is our assistance and what we are giving back to the community.

With current state of the world, many good things are coming to an abrupt end. Many of these creators are facing walls of income shortages, the raise of costs, and much more.

We at CloudLocal Vendors started this business to not only help others, but to save local businesses and vendors the costs and time to get their products into their customers hands. And for new customers to find their next favorite products and vendors.

We supply our Vendors with Storage, Advertisement through SEO and Social Media, low-cost Local Winnipeg Shipping, and an eCommerce Storefront that grows with them. We take all of these into our own hands and shoulders and help carry your businesses Technology and Logistics to the next level by offering them an easy and affordable All-In-One Solution with our own services and local resources that we partner with.

We hope to grow more features into the future such as a proper Storefront, Gift Cards, and much more that’s coming soon as we grow our business here. We want to be the future of how local vendors find easy and affordable assistance in Local Resources.